It's fightin' time again! Kurata blows up DATS, the kids get new cellphones to beat up Kurata's rival digi squad, and there's a cool lion.

It's time for the second half of our Tri Chapter 6 discussion! This time we read three-word reviews from social media, discuss Tri's handling of chosen adults and depression, and answer a bunch of your questions.

It's time for the first part of our in-depth discussion of Tri Chapter 6, "Our Future"! We dive deep into our reactions, look at how Tri has depected the theme of partner codependency, and drown in the dark ocean of unanswered questions.

Tri Chapter 6 "Our Future" is out on Crunchyroll now! Here's our quick reactions and thoughts, and stay tuned for our full in-depth review and analysis next week!

Jeff and Ashley talk about the recent deluge of Tri PVs, field responses to how Digimon and humans should live together, and discuss some feedback. Spoiler: Ashley still doesn't think Marcus is a good boy.

The Digimon Adventure Tri stage play ran in Tokyo last summer, and finally came out on DVD a couple months ago. Is it good? Should you watch? Spoiler: the answer is JOUUUUUUU!!!!!!

It's fightin' time again! Yoshi babysits Marcus and Keenan, Marcus fights a house, Gotsumon gets an army, SaberLeomon learns the meaning of his name, Gotsumon becomes Gonetsumon, Kurata brags about starting the Crier Forest Fire, and Kurata eats crow.

After a long mid-season hiatus, Jeff and Ashley go over some long-overdue feedback about the beginning of the Merukimon arc.

Like they always say, actions speak louder than birds— it's fightin' time again! Kristy gets and loses a bird, Marcus rises, we meet Keenan, Thomas manpains, Keenan's bird helps out, Yoshi rearranges her flower into a different flower, and then Merukimon sends everyone home.

Jeff and Ashley are back from Israel, so they dive into feedback about the end of Data Squad's intro arc.

Hang onto your DATS— it's fighting time again! Marcus flirts with a Garurumon while he and Agumon are on a break, Kristy orders some orange juice, Yoshino kind of gets an episode, Thomas punches his hero, Marcus tries to punch a boat, and DemiDevimon poop needles into horse butts.

Jeff and Ashley (and a shy Asher) dive into lots of follow-up and feedback about the beginning of the Data Squad and whether Marcus is a good boy or not.

It's raining DATS and dogs! Marcus punches things, Yoshino and Thomas try to do things but get upstaged by Marcus, and then Marcus and Thomas resolve their differences by mercilessly hunting and exterminating a harmless Digimon.

Jeff and Ashley dive into Data Squad hype train feedback, and dip into the question bucket to discuss Tri, Appmon, and video game soundtracks.

Roll out the welcome DATS, because it's time to gather the data squad!

Jeff and Ashley tackle some quick feedback about the digi-noobs reactions to Tri Chapter 2 before diving into X-Evolution feedback, mainly centering around the nature of obtuseness in media and ability to follow individual installments of multi-media franchises.

Leomon dies, Dorumon is the eighth digidestined, and everything is needlessly complicated and obtuse— it's X-Evolution time!

Does Digimon Adventure Tri work for people new to Digimon? No, of course not. But how well does it not work? It's time for Digi-Noobs, Tri Chapter 2 edition.

It's time for our in-depth discussion of Tri Chapter 5, "Coexistence"! We dive into this movie's highs and lows and how they reflect our evolving feelings towards Tri as a whole, plus we dig into the central themes of sacrifice and being chosen and read a bunch of listener reactions to the film.

Tri Chapter 5 "Coexistence" is out on Crunchyroll now! Here's our quick reactions and thoughts, and stay tuned for our full in-depth review and analysis next week!

After several months and being stuck in a forest, the final Trailmon is leaving the station. It's time for our special season-wide Frontier retrospective review! We dive into season 4 podcast stats, announce the winners of the Frontier Fantasy Draft, and discuss the results of the Frontier Listener Favorites Polls as we gab about our favorite kids, ships, allies, enemies, Lucemon forms, Trailmon, arcs, and episodes. We also pick the best dialogue from the season in the Omega Dialogue Draft, update our Digimon season rankings, and introduce The Newlysib Game!

Jeff and Ashley tackle feedback about the Lucemon showdown and Frontier movie, find out who had the best character development in Frontier and whether you'd rather be a humanoid or beast Digimon, discuss what we're dreading about Tri Chapter 5, talk too much about real-world politics, and fight against livestream software.

All aboard the ~Trailmon (Ball)~ as we get swept up into another non-canonical (probably???) Digimon OVA / movie / film / animation content product. In this episode, we sigh about gender, dive into the movie's central conflict, and look at how the movie's lore interacts with the rest of Frontier lore.

Jeff and Ashley take a brief look at the new PVs for Tri Chapter 5.

Happy August 1st! To get ourselves in the Odaiba Day spirit, we have a special episode featuring summer FoxKids commercials and advice on traveling to Japan. We hope you enjoy!

Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Takouj—Wait, did we say "space"? Sorry, we meant the Shibuya train station basement, that's the real final frontier.

Jeff and Ashley tackle feedback about the Royal Knights, find out who everyone's favorite Trailmon is, and take lots of questions.

Jeff and Ashley tackle feedback about the Rose Morning Star arc, get some voicemail about Digimon's most romantic ship, and take some questions.

The Frontier train is pulling into Cherubimon Station, so it's time for some angsty monologues set to a Nickelback cover band, random Trailmon cleaning, another Digimon history rerun, and the introduction of Christopher Walkenmon.

Jeff and Ashley tackle feedback about the Sakkakumon arc, follow up about Takuya's Tokyo episode, take some questions, and get a surprise visit from Mercurymon.

Hey, everyone. It's only been a couple days since we released episode 403, but there was... an incident while we recorded 404, and I thought I should at least release the recording of what happened so everyone isn't in the dark. It's been a fun journey these past three years.

We're back on the Frontier track for Duskmon's intro and the Sakkakumon arc! The kids get trounced by EmoEyeballmon, Takuya tries to play hooky, the side characters finally get some development, and then are quickly forgotten once Takuya and Koji get some main-character-exclusive evolutions.

Jeff and Ashley go over a bunch of feedback and questions about Tri Chapter 4, and Jeff talks about all the Digimon stuff he saw on his recent trip to Tokyo.

It's time for our massive, 3.5-hour review of Tri Chapter 4, "Loss"! We dive into what works and doesn't in this divisive chapter, plus we dig into Maki's flashback, the concept of partnership, Sora's character development, and the newly laid-out Tri power balance. Plus the ever-important shipping corner, your three-word reviews, and where we think the future of Tri is headed!

Tri Chapter 4 "Loss" is out on Crunchyroll now! Here are Jeff's quick reactions and thoughts, and stay tuned for our full in-depth review and analysis early next week!

Jeff and Ashley tackle lots of feedback about the Beast Spirits arc, get a surprise guest voicemail, and talk too much about the concept about filler episodes.

It's time for our second stop on the Frontier tracks with the beast spirits arc! The kids get their beast spirits, meet Seraphimon and the rest of the evil Legendary Warriors, defeat Gigasmon, and get caught in several not-so-wacky hijinks.

Super Bowls, they come and go. But the Digi Bowl, now THAT is something special.

Jeff and Ashley tackle lots of feedback about the first 9 episodes of Frontier, see what Digimon listeners would want to evolve into, and discuss the humor in the Frontier dub.

It's time for our first stop in our Frontier journey with the intro human spirits arc! Kids get spirits, Digimon get saved, kids are mean to each other, trains get ridden, and more!

Jeff and Ashley tackle some feedback about Frontier expectations, discuss Tamers characters with Adventure crests, and generally fumble around while recording the first live podcast episode.

Got your tickets ready? The Frontier train is leaving the station!

We're back from our (temporally misplaced) inter-season break with our Tamers season retrospective special! We dive into season 3 podcast statistics, announce the winner of the Podigious Tamers Fantasy Draft, discuss the results of the Listener Favorites polls, and gab about our favorite tamers, adults, ships, partner Digimon, digivolution, and Deva. We also close out the season with the Omega RDD and Tamers Terminal Judgment.

To celebrate Hanukkristmas Eve, it's our first Podigi Non-Denominational Holiday Special! Jeff, Ashley, and Asher got together in person (gasp!) to watch "A Very Digi-Christmas" with live commentary and discuss the meaning of [insert holiday here], but mostly to sing poorly (except for Asher, who can actually sing).

Before we close out Tamers, we have a special episode which Jeff and Ashley recorded in Japan! We discuss feedback for the Tamers movies, plus the highlights of our Japan trip and two exciting anime movies in Japanese theaters: Your Name and A Silent Voice!

Before we wrap up Tamers, Jeff and Ashley take a brief look at the new PV for Tri Chapter 4, "Loss"!

We're back to talk more about Tri Chapter 3 “Confession” with 5 special guests!

All aboard, because it's time to do the locomotion and suffer through some painful train puns! In this episode, we discuss the 2nd Tamers movie, "Runaway Locomon". We debate how the movie fits into the Tamers canon, complain about poorly written motivation, and lament the potential of Parasimon as a villain.

Things are starting to look a little non-canonical... which can mean only one thing — Digimon movie time! It's time for a delayed summer vacation to Okinawa for the 1st Tamers movie, "Battle of Adventurers". In this episode, we explore the difference between the "DigiDestined" and "Tamer" terminology and collectively sigh.

We're back for our main discussion and review of Tri chapter 3, “Confession”! We dive into what we loved about this movie, have an intervention on secrets, dig into the reboot concept, and look forward to Tri's future.

The series premiere of Appmon is out and available through legal streaming for free worldwide on TV Tokyo's site! Here are Jeff's quick reactions and thoughts on the premiere, and first impressions of Appmon in general.

Tri Chapter 3 "Confession" is out on Crunchyroll now! Here are Jeff's quick reactions and thoughts, and stay tuned for our full in-depth review and analysis early next week!

On the eve of Tri Chapter 3, we finally release a bunch of long-overdue feedback. We talk about the Digimon World: Next Order news, a whole slew of comments about episodes T1.2, 310, 311, and 312, and read lessons that listeners learned from Tamers.

Hey, did you hear? It's Digi-Time Again! Jeff and Ashley went to the theatrical premiere of the dub of Tri Chapter 1 "Reunion" and sat down afterwards to run through all the good and the bad. We cover the dub's big choices, memorable moments, Fathom event extras, and the surprise 10-minute teaser for Tri Chapter 3.

The Tri Chapter 1 English dub premiers in US theaters later this week! To get everyone back in the "Reunion" mood, we thought it was a good time to release an episode we've had in the queue for a while.

We're back to dive into Tamers' final episodes! It's time for Gallantmon's new ride, Beelzemon's redemption, a random week of winter vacation, Gallantmon's new wings, and MegaGargomon's vacuum cleaner.

In this week's feedback, Jeff and Ashley go over some Tri and Appmon news and listen to voicemails about the concept of home. We discuss comments about Ryo, Digimon design contests, Dolphin's son, Jeri's family's prostitution origins, Henry's sensei, and lots of headcanons. We also answer questions about classifying Grani as a digimon and our plans for Frontier.

The kids are back in Tokyo, which means it's time for Rika's new shirt, Beelzemon's new wings, a goth lolita deus ex machina, and the inevitable, soul-crushing return of Ryo.

We're back for another feedback episode—with some Tri news, discussion of Devas morality and Suzie's age, and lots of Ask Podigious time!

It's time for the last hurrah of the digital world before we're fully surrounded by CHAOS. Henry and Rika learn to biomerge, Calumon gives up his plot device status, and Rika almost misses their scheduled flight becasue she's the only one who shows compassion.

Lots of news this week with lots of new figures, an Appmon PV, the Tri dub cast list, and a new PV for Tri Chapter 3. We get another voicemail from our BFF, discuss Takato looking up to Henry as a role model, and ramble way too much about the nature of evil. Asher is on a trash Pokemon Go team, Jeff spills about his crushes from age 10, and Ashley hasn't aged since Jeff's bar mitzvah.

Happy Odaiba Day! To celebrate the day 16 years ago that 7 kids first entered the Digital World, we put together a special episode to hear from 7 Podigious listeners about why Digimon is so special to them.

It's the battle of a century, the showdown you've been waiting for, the clash you've been crying over, the skirmish not for the squeamish, the crisis of consequence, the conflict to commemorate, the epic classic of biker versus feudal monarchy!

An endless flow of Appmon and Tri dub news this week! Tri's going to be dubbed and shown in US theaters?? Taichi's going to be dubbed out and replaced with Ryo?? Appmon's going to star an ancient Egyptian pharaoh gambling the fate of the world on children's card games?? Only one of those is real, but you have to listen (or use common sense) to figure out which it is. Plus lots of feedback about Tri, a visit from our BFF, and a story about poop.

We're back for some more Digital World adventures in the calm before the approaching storm. This week it's time for reuniting and deuniting with Calumon, the obligatory Orochi myth, Shibumi info dumps, and a fun romp with Antylamon. And lots of milkshakes.

It's a jam-packed feedback episode this week, with lots of general news and speculation about the App Monsters announcement. We follow-up on ourselves with some more discussion about whether a setting can be a character and what Digimon could learn about gender from Kill la Kill. And we respond to listener comments about time flow in the Digital World, whether Ryo's existence is plausible in the Tamers world, portraying strength and showing vs. telling, and the Kazu-Kenta bromance!

Everyone back on board the Tri hype train! It's our reactions to the new Tri chapter 3 PV!

After half a season wandering around a park in Shinjuku, the kids finally enter the Digital World! What's this new Digital World like? Card games on motorcycles?? Why is Ryo the worst???

Some Tri news, feedback about the Tamers families, and some fun Ask Podigious time!

It's time for the end of the Tokyo Devas arc! Jeri tries to woo Leomon, the kids learn about the Heart of the Cards™ (but it's less improtant than just yelling), and everyone runs away from home. We discuss the increased focus on Jeri, how Tamers approaches family relationships, and wrap up our thoughts about the whole Tokyo Devas arc. Plus some great FoxKids commercials.

It's been 2 years since the first episode of Podigious! In celebration of our 2-year anniversary, we dove deep into a critical comparative analysis of the DigiRap and Pokérap! Instead of listening to the songs, listen to us dissect the cultural ramifications of these great pieces of art for an hour, line by line.

Back to Tamers, back to feedback! Discussion about digimodify mechanics, shipping in Tamers, who has the "rival" role, and much more!

It's time for our in-depth discussion and review of Tri's chapter 2, “Determination”! We dive into everything we loved and… didn't love, analyze the film's contrast between courage and cowardice, pick apart everyone's dorky fashion choices, and look forward to Tri's future.

Tri Chapter 2 "Determination" is out now! Here's a mini flashcast with Jeff and Ashley's super quick spoiler-free reactions. Our full episode is coming soon!

It's time to dive further into the Tokyo Devas arc as the kids learn the importance of Ultimate digivolution and start to get addicted to Blue Cards, the newest drug to hit the streets of Akihabara.

Feedback for the beginning of the Tokyo Devas arc! Voicemails about feeding Digimon, speculation what Digimon/crests we would have, and much more!

Eight years after the last Western localization of a main console Digimon game, and Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth is finally here! In this episode, Jeff, Ashley, and Andrew share their first impressions of the game.

We're back on the Tri Train for one last stop in Chapter 2 speculation country!

In celebration of Super Bowl 50, it's the first installment of the annual(?) Podigi-Bowl! Enjoy as we provide vital post-game analysis on the most important piece of sports history, FoxKid's 2001 Digi-Bowl.

We're back to Tamers after a long diversion into Tri country!

It's PV time! We dive deep into the PV for the second Tri film, “Determination”. We get hyped, discover fanservice from unexpected places (*cough*Gomamon*cough*), and—like the rest of the internet—take up sides in the Great Digimon Trizer War of 2016.

We're back to talk more about Tri Chapter 1 “Reunion” with 3 special guests:

Our in-depth discussion and review of the first chapter of Tri is finally here! In our biggest episode yet, we run through all the things we loved and hated, and dig deep into Taichi's new struggle, forgetting memories, and Platonism.

A quick mini-episode with Jeff and Ashley's instant reactions to Tri Pt. 1 “Reunion”! Full ep coming soon!

Feedback about what it means to be a partner, behind-the-scenes talk about the production of the podcast, preview of our Tri coverage from Japan, and much more!

We wrap up the first major arc of Tamers as Rika and Renamon go on a break and get back together, Henry lets Terriermon fight, and Yamaki unboxes his new toy for next arc. We discuss the nature of relationships between Digimon and their tamers, the show's presentation of maturity, and improvements to gender dynamics.

Feedback about how to get your Digimon to de-digivolve, Ashley's groan-worthy rejected title, idealized vs. realistic gender representation, and racial diversity in Japan, and Ask Podigious! answers about Digimon ships and lady ships. Plus the debut of an exciting new cohost!

We're back to dive further into Tamers! In these episodes, we start to learn about Calumon and Rika, meet Impmon, round out champion digivolutions, and spend an episode trying to de-digivolve. We discuss the Calumon-Impmon dichotomy, digivolution mechanics, learning culture, and several gender issues.

Jeff is joined by Brian Beacock for a fun chat about his experience playing Takato in Digimon Tamers and voice acting in general.

Our first feedback extravaganza, covering feedback about episode 301!

It's time to Digimodify!

Before we dive into Tamers, the Podigious crew pauses to reflect on our impressions and expectations of the season. We discuss our history with the season, our favorite characters, and our favorite moments. And then we go into several exciting announcements for the 3rd season of Podigious!

After 4 months and 3 specials, it's finally time for the epic finale of Podigious Season 2: The 02 Retrospective Special! At over 3 hours, it's our longest episode ever, so settle in for an awesome discussion! We dive into the season with categories like DigiDestined, Digimon partners, and villains, discuss our favorites and results of the polls from May, and break down what did and didn't work and why (spoiler alert: 02 was really ambitious and less than perfect!). We also take a detour into meta country and discuss Podigious's second season with various stats and listener-submitted favorite clips.

Apologies for the delay, but here's our discussion of the new Tri PV!

To celebrate August 1st, we invited Danielle of Digipodify and May of Lost in Translationmon to talk about our history with Digimon and how it's affected our lives. We hope you like it! Let us know in the comments how you found Digimon, and how it's affected your life. And have a happy August 1st!

The PV for Digimon Adventure Tri came out this week, so Jeff, Ashley, and Asher gathered to discuss the PV and the long road to Tri.

Remember that Our War Game movie everyone loved? Let's try that again! We're joined by Marc of With the Will to walk through the fourth Digimon movie, Revenge of Diaboromon!

Pack your bags! It's time to board a flight for the USA! USA! USA! Eagles! Guns! It's the third Digimon movie!

We're sad to announce that the Podigious crew is moving on from Digimon.

It's time to buckle in for an extra crazy long wacky roller coaster of an episode as the crew dives deep into the final arc of Adventure 02.

We're back from the International Stereotype Tour, but return to a Konaka-ized Tokyo as demons attack and an old man kidnaps children in a van.

We're packing up our bags and flying around the world on a new deus-ex-machina digivolution to bring you this podcast talking about the World Tour!

We ran out of our budget, so we're going to re-air segments from the last season of the podcast but with Jeff's voice re-filtered as Evil Jeff as he attempts to destroy the world over and over and over. In other words, it's time for BlackWarGreymon and the Destiny Stone arc!

Join us for an interview with very special guest Jeff Nimoy!

Now that Ken's off his throne, apparently it's time to meet some new digivolutions? We have some feedback on the eternal dub vs. sub debate, and then we talk about digivolution plotting, what it means to be a "real Digimon," and the Ichijouji bros. Also, we learn that Kari is the first shipper.

It's time for TK to punch Ken in the face! Jeff is robot-racist, Asher has a lot to say about TK, Ashley explores Ken as a parent/artist, and Jeff has a revolutionary new theory that explains all of 02's plot holes.

We're back to fighting the Digimon Emperor this week so we can be confused between ninja and samurai, speculate what it means to be digidestined, and learn that the show is terrible at teaching lessons.

In this special episode of Podigious covering the infamous Dark Ocean episode, guest Hope Chapman teaches us about the meaninglessness of life, everyone debates the chemistry of fictional characters that never appear in this episode, and Kari becomes a womon.

In the second chunk of the Digimon Emperor arc, everyone gushes over Ken, Jeff says "interesting" once every second, and Ashley likes big Digimon.

We're back to cover Adventure 02! In covering the first part of the Digimon Emperor arc, Ashley reminds us that Sora isn't wearing a hairpin, Jeff tries to compare Digimon to Kill la Kill, Asher fawns over Cody, and a wild Andrew appears!

In this special Adventure finale episode, we discuss our favorite aspects of the series.

We return to our protagonists after Adventure to cover the second Adventure movie, Our War Game. Ashley shares an astonishing revelation, Jeff has an epiphany for the best Digimon fan fiction yet, and Asher's internet disconnects about 10 times. Also Jeff learns the song is actually saying "Funk soul brother"—not "Funks your brother"—and that neither is the actual title as he types this description!

We go back to the beginning to cover the first Adventure movie (or, in the dub, the first third of Digimon: The Movie). We analyze the movie as an introduction to the Digimon anime, Tai's hair-to-body ratio, and wet-dream digivolutions.

We wrap up Digimon Adventure by covering Piedmon and Apocalymon. We discuss depression, growing up, teamwork, and evaluate the conclusion of the show.

We continue to approach the end of Digimon Adventure by covering the defeats of Puppetmon and Machinedramon. We discuss guilt, war, sudden deaths, sacrifice, and dereliction of duty.

We enter the final stretch of Digimon Adventure by covering the beginning of the Dark Masters arc, dealing with MetalSeadramon and the beginning of Puppetmon. We discuss growth, teamwork, psychotic toys, and ethics.

We continue our discussion of Digimon Adventure by covering the rest of the Tokyo section of the Myotismon arc. We discuss relationships, reactions to death, and representations of family and gender.
We continue our discussion of Digimon Adventure by covering the first half of the Tokyo section of the Myotismon arc. We discuss Tokyo geography, friendship, and gender.
We continue our discussion of Digimon Adventure by covering the digital world section of the Myotismon arc. We discuss crests, biological determinism, serious gender, and serious poop.
We take a break from the normal pace of the show to cover a special episode of Digimon Adventure, Home Away from Home. We discuss tone, responsibility, abandonment, and nostalgia.

4. Elvis Monkey

We continue our discussion of Digimon Adventure by covering the Etemon arc. We discuss crests, parenting, darkness, and empathy.

3. Angel and Demon

We continue our discussion of Digimon Adventure by covering the conclusion of the Devimon and File Island arc. We discuss holidays, peace, childishness, and death.

2. LOST for Kids

We dive into our discussion of Digimon Adventure by covering the first part of the File Island arc, up to Devimon's introduction. We discuss gender dynamics, localization, growth, tone, weirdness, and evaluate the arc as an introduction to Digimon.

1. That's Too Much Dinosaur

In the debut episode of Podigious, we discuss our goals for the podcast, and introduce ourselves by talking about our favorite aspects of Digimon.