Leomon dies, Dorumon is the eighth digidestined, and everything is needlessly complicated and obtuse— it's X-Evolution time!

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▹ Intro & Impressions [0:00:00]

▹ Digi Feud [0:11:29]

  • Question: Who is your favorite X-Antibody Digimon from the X-Evolution movie?

▹ Animation [0:20:09]

▹ Act One [0:30:10]

▹ Act Two [0:42:43]

▹ Act Three [0:54:40]

▹ 3-Word Reviews [1:05:06]

▹ Terminal Judgment [1:13:28]

▹ Recommendation Articulation [1:19:38]

▹ Outro [1:24:21]

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