It's raining DATS and dogs! Marcus punches things, Yoshino and Thomas try to do things but get upstaged by Marcus, and then Marcus and Thomas resolve their differences by mercilessly hunting and exterminating a harmless Digimon.

In this episode, we discuss our first impressions of the cast and debut the new Game Show Gattai segment, Jeff discusses the (promising and troubling) Digimon-Human societal dynamics of this season, Ashley is disappointed about Yoshino, and we put Marcus on trial.

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  • Ep 2: "Marcus' Inner, Strength!"
  • Ep 3: "The Return of Thomas!"
  • Ep 4: "The New Team of Marcus and Thomas!"
  • Ep 5: "Digital World, Here We Come!"

Weekly Question: Is Marcus a good boy? (Email us a voicemail with your answer!)

◿ Intro [0:00:00]

◿ General Impressions [0:03:16]

◿ Game Show Gattai [0:17:50]

  • Lightning #1: Who is the best of the main 3 DATS kids?
  • Lightning #2: Which is the best partner of the 3 main DATS kids?
  • Digi-Feud: Jeff vs. Asher
    • Digimon Savers reused one of the franchise's most iconic characters as the main partner Digimon. If the next Digimon season wanted to cash in on love for a fan-favorite Digimon, which Digimon would they use?
  • Lightning #3: Which is the best Data Squad main champion/adult digivolution?
  • Lightning #4: Which is the better DATS computer operators?
  • Prediction Jurisdiction: Jeff vs. Ashley (Leomon / Spirit / DNA)
    • Marcus
    • Thomas
    • Yoshino

◿ Digimon Human Relations [0:32:11]

◿ Gender [0:44:03]

◿ Trial of Marcus Damon [0:54:16]

◿ Unanswered Questions [1:04:30]

◿ Ridiculous Dialogue Draft [1:07:02]

◿ Terminal Judgment [1:10:13]

◿ Recommendation Articulation [1:13:44]

◿ Outro [1:17:44]

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Music used in this episode:

  • Intro: "Hirari" by Wada Koji, IKUO, and SPM@ (iTunes JPN)
  • Transitions: "Believer" by IKUO, Hiroshi Yamada, and Michihiko Ohta (iTunes JPN)
  • Outro: "Hirari" by Wada Koji, IKUO, and SPM@ (iTunes JPN)

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Ep. 2: Marcus' Inner, Strength!
Ep. 3: The Return of Thomas!
Ep. 4: The New Team of Marcus and Thomas!
Ep. 5: Digital World, Here We Come!

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